Spyglass Media Will Bring The ‘Scream’ Franchise Back to Life

While Friday the 13th and Halloween were decade-defining horror franchises in the 1980s, the 1990s belong to the Scream series. The original film breathed new life into horror by popularizing the self-aware slasher film. It was a game changer, bringing in new fans and re-energizing veteran ones. Horror master Wes Craven had the distinction of influencing two generations firsthand. A one-two punch of the Nightmare on Elm Street series and then Scream set him apart as a visionary. He never gave up the director’s chair throughout all four films, and news of a brand new film, the first film without him, is sparking interest.

In an exclusive from Bloody Disgusting, we found out that Gary Barber’s Spyglass Media is behind the latest Scream. Spyglass acquired the rights through a very winding legal road initially cut by the the allegations that plagued Harvey Weinstein. Spyglass Media was re-launched by Barber, Andy Mitchell, Milos Brajovic, and investors Cineworld Group and Eagle Pictures. Mitchell and Brajovic helm Lantern Entertainment, the company that acquired the rights to Dimension Films’ catalog when it fell into bankruptcy.

Spyglass isn’t letting Dimension’s content go to the waste, either. We also found out that not only is Scream set for a relaunch, David S. Goyer (Blade franchise, Batman Begins) is writing another incarnation of Hellraiser, Whether Scream will continue with Craven’s series or be something entirely re-invented is still unknown.

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