Babes, Boobs, and Butts! ‘Space Babes From Outer Space’ Gets A Trailer

From Bandit Motion Pictures, the makers of such films as Harvest Lake and Plank Face, comes their latest film, Space Babes From Outer Space, an 80’s style Sci-Fi Sex Comedy starring a cast comprised of a veritable who’s who of indie horror. Check out the trailer below then read on for all the details.

Space Babes From Outer Space is the sophomore feature of writer/director Brian K Williams (Time to Kill 2014) and the third film from Williams and Scott Schirmer’s Bandit Motion Pictures. Space Babes From Outer Space marks their first foray into comedy and in this case a sex comedy, a genre that Williams is incredibly passionate about.

The Official Synopsis:

“Space Babes from Outer Space centers around three women from a faraway galaxy who come to Earth in search of sexual energy to fuel their ship. With the help of a lonely farm boy, they attempt to harness enough sexual arousal to return to their home planet, all while evading their enemies, the bloodthirsty Scrotes!”

The film features an amazingly talented cast comprised of indie horror veterans as well as some newcomers. The cast includes Ellie Church (Headless 2015), Alyss Winkler (Plank Face 2016), Allison Maier (Frankenstein Created Bikers 2016), Brian Papandrea (The Big F 2016), Sadie Tate (Fangboner 2015) Jason Hignite (Time to Kill 2014), Brigid Macaulay (Found 2012), Lucian Cline (Harvest Lake 2016), Haley Jay Madison (Devotion 2017), Jason Crowe (The Legend of Wasco 2015), Lexi Thompson (Plank Face 2016), Josh Arnold (The Impersonators 2014), Maddie Collins, Susan M. Martin (Plank Face 2016), Roni Jonah (Volumes of Blood 2015), and Ravyn Rose. The project will include puppet creations by the Clockwerk Creature Company and a retro 80’s-style soundtrack featuring songs from Stackhouse and Glass Apple Bonzai.

Brian K Williams had this to say about the project: “We want to make all kinds of films, and we’ll always be into horror, but we felt what the world needs now more than anything is to laugh and have fun. If Space Babes can give people a little escape from reality, I couldn’t be happier.”

As a huge fan of the Bandit Motion Pictures crew, I can’t wait to check out this film. Are you excited for Space Babes From Outer Space? If so comment and let us know and be sure to check out the Indiegogo preorder campaign when it starts Monday, March 13th. Be sure to like their Facebook page to stay up to date on all things Space Babes!



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