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‘Social Mediasochist’ Parody Sequel Video Lands On YouTube

Lowcarbcomedy, the creators of the Romantic Teen Slasher Horror Comedy Music Video Social Mediasochist, are back! The original creative team and Morgan Foster  return in an all new bloody chapter in the Jason and Carrie love story. Surely you remember the original video? You should. It had upwards of 45,000,000 views on YouTube! If you use Facebook, I can almost guarantee you saw it.

Just in case, better refresh your memory by watching it below, then read on to learn more about the sequel!

Social Mediasochist II Description

This sequel to their viral hit music video Common Shiner’s Social Mediasochist (Over 45 million views) is based on the song “On and On” from Morgan Foster’s new album Life Neurotica. After raising over $10,000 dollars with their Kickstarter Campaign, the video has finally been released on Lowcarbcomedy’s YouTube Channel! With well over 200 hundred hidden horror movie easter eggs, surprise horror movie celebrity cameos, tons of practical gore fx, and an original female slasher killer: The Maniac Pixie Dream Girl, this long awaited sequel is a worthy successor to the much loved (and much pirated) original.

Zoran Gvojic wrote, directed, edited, and colored the new video. It stars Whitney Jones, Jeremy Kanne, Gina Devito, Ted Evans, Jay Kerwin, Lee Russell, and Brock Powel.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the all new video for Social Mediascochist II below!


Hah hah! Fun stuff. I loved the original (and am guilty of sharing it many times on Facebook). The sequel is super fun, too! If you dig these vids, don’t forget to head over to Lowcarbcomedys YouTube channel and subscribe. You should subscribe to PopHorror’s YouTube channel while you’re at it!

What did you think of the new vid? Tell us in the comments!

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