Check Out ‘Slasher,’ An Upcoming Horror Movie Themed Board Game

Slasher is an upcoming role playing board game that is meant to capture the spirit of the beloved slasher films of the ’80s. The game will be kept simple so that veterans of tabletop games, as well as newcomers, will be able to enjoy and get in on the fun. Check it out!

It’s recommended that there are at least five players to really enjoy the game. Player roles include the Producer (think Dungeon Master from Dungeons and Dragons, but with goals of their own), a Slasher that is created from choosing different perks, and the Cast which are comprised of various horror stereotypes (jock, comic relief, partier, etc). The setting for the game will be outlined on an included dry erase board and will change every time you play the game. 

The game will be available on The Game Crafter’s website, the Slasher Facebook page and an eventual website. Along with the preorder, you’ll have a chance to win an autograph from the original Michael Myers, Tony Moran! Be sure to stay tuned for any updates we have on the horror themed board game!

About Matt Stumpf

My name's Matt, and I love all things horror. Books, movies, video games; you name it, I like it. Martyrs is my favorite horror film, and everyone should watch it. I also have a soft-spot for those cheesy 80's slashers. I'm still slightly convinced that Faces of Death is real.

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