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‘Silent Panic’ (2019) Is Bumpy, But It Takes You For A Fun Ride – Movie Review

Some of the best thrillers are the ones that can take a simple trope and make it as realistically tense as possible. This year’s Silent Panic aims to do that right away. The premise is simple: take three friends, toss a dead body in a trunk, and watch how they handle it as individuals. As basic as that sounds, the foundation of this story is gripping as we watch this morality tale play out, the standing bonds of friendship disintegrating among them. That’s the main story arc for this mental car ride.

Having each character break down the “what if’s” was the main journey that Writer/Director Kyle Schadt (Sunland 2011) wanted to take the film’s viewers on. We open with three close friends having a guy-chat by a campfire, and the next morning, they discover that a dead body has been dumped in the trunk of the car of the trio’s leader, Eagle (Sean Nateghi: You And Me And Five Bucks 2013), who was arrested previously for a wrongful conviction. This is what makes Eagle keep his friends from alerting the police, and then the angst and anxiety set in. As the they begrudgingly obstruct justice, it starts to tear down the foundation of their friendships.

Silent panic

The downside comes in the wasted scenes. For a character study thriller, this 99 minute run-time isn’t exactly tight. While the scenes built around the “Will they or won’t they tell?” arc are done very well, the characters’ B-stories feel a bit awkward and out of place. For example, Bobby (Joseph Martinez: Blood Shot 2013) has a long, comedic scene with his former drug dealer that’s ill-timed and doesn’t advance his character. Meanwhile, Dominic (Jay Habre in his acting debut) has an awkward relationship with a girl that seems disinterested in him. While the and actors all did well in portraying who they were supposed to be, some of these scenes just felt thrown in to pad the run-time. The added storylines took a lot of the panic away from Silent Panic.

Silent Panic

The cathartic ending of Silent Panic was well executed, in the vein of The Mist (2007). The lovely cinematography also deserves a mention, as it painted a nice picture. Overall, when it meandered and lingered, Silent Panic slowed to a crawl. But when the story stayed on task, it will have you waiting excitedly for the next turn. This drama will certainly evoke emotions from those who take the ride.

You can watch Silent Panic yourself right here!

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