the exorcism of the boy

Shudder Review: Episode 4 of ‘The Dead Lands’ – “The Exorcism of the Boy”

Finally, I got to watch Episode 4 of The Dead Lands, which will be premiering via Shudder tomorrow, February 6th, 2020. You’ll definitely want to find out what happens next in “The Exorcism of the Boy.”

The Dead Lands

This series was directed by Peter Burger and Michael Hurst. It was written by Glenn Standring and stars Te Kohe Tuhaka and Darneen Christian.

Synopsis for The Dead Lands

Mehe and Waka bring the boy to the Witches who exorcise him of an evil spirit and discover the name of the one who broke the world.

This episode is intense and packed full of drama, tension, and death. Mehe struggles as she watches the boy suffer at the hands of the Witches as they perform an exorcism on him. Her kindness gets the best of her, making her vulnerable.

The Dead Lands

I loved seeing the relationship between Mehe and Waka grow. They’re complete opposites but they work well together and they need each other. I predict they will fall in love in future episodes but it will be complicated. Lots of fighting and drama. I also think Waka is finally realizing what his purpose is despite his hesitations and stubbornness.

The exorcism is pretty intense in this episode and the visuals are top-notch. Parts of it reminded me of the original Evil Dead, especially the boy’s behavior and mannerisms. Super creepy and disturbing!

the exorcism of the boy

I’m loving The Dead Lands and look forward to each episode. Let us know how you felt about “The Exorcism of the Boy” and stay tuned for more recaps!

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