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Details For Shockfest Film Festival 2019

Just around the corner, is one of the best festivals around, Shockfest Film Festival 2019. This festival/convention has so many vendors and awesome things to do. Check out the details down below including the special code you can use as a discount for tickets!

Press Release for Shockfest Film Festival 2019

Shockfest Film Festival presents another devilish twist at Hotel Paranormal this November 22nd – 24th. As you enter through the doors of the Hotel, you will be faced with hell itself! Lucifer’s Lobby will be the starting point of your stay while at this venomous venue, and it will be filled with a band creepy creators of a variety of worrisome wares straight from down under. Allow us to introduce you to these fine vendors, but be careful when approaching their tumultuous tables, for deep down inside of every salesperson is a demon waiting to take your soul straight from the depths of the fiery pit itself.

Shockfest Festival 2019

Artist Abe

Crafting your imagination onto the page with original artwork is Artist Abe. Professional artist Abraham Lopez has a fun, playful and occasionally sensual touch to his characters and a wide variety of options for what he can create. There is a tinge of terror to every piece Abraham makes, but he adds a softness to his pieces which makes them charming and very likable upon every gaze. Be sure to check out this demon’s work, his powers of manifestation will leave you sketched out of your wits!

Crypt Relics

If lepidopterology is more your speed, why not meet the collectors and framers of the bizarre, Crypt Relics? These strange and exotic taxidermy works of art are perfect for any home…if you are Buffalo Bill, that is.  the eerie and beautiful visage of frozen death emanates from inside the picture frames sold by these monstrous merchants.  

Girls Gore and Gin

A sultry team of podcasters from Southern California, Girls Gore and Gin relish in sinful indulgences such as drink and the viewing of horror pictures, including ones from the true crime genre. In fact, much of their topics of conversation delve into real-life serial killers and the films that depict their horrible and violent acts of evil. Just the kind of girls to take home to mother as a way to remind her that you were never the son she wanted at all, but you at least the one who didn’t run away to join the circus (though there are times where she wished you did).

Haunted Road Media

Publishers of the Paranormal, Haunted Road Media bring supernatural podcasting to a whole new level. Their productions include not only reading material to keep you up all night, but house ground coffee to help from falling asleep and experiencing the nightmares that come from listening in to Mike Ricksecker’s podcast, which covers all supernatural based topics. 

Carcass Studios

The creator of such horror gems as Atelophobia, Rust and Billy, Joe Lujan brings a vibrance to the big screen with his deep Argento-esque use of color pallets and striking character design. His newest trailer, RUST 3, will be making its world premiere at Shockfest Film Festival itself.

Las Vegas Oddities

The destination for anyone who walks off the beaten path, Las Vegas Oddities brings the curiosity out of anyone with a slight touch of whimsy mixed with a chilling vibe of the macabre. This is the only place we can find in Las Vegas that sells jewelry made from actual human bones. If you aren’t planning a visit to the Las Vegas Oddities shop on your next visit to the city of sin, you are missing out. A welcome addition to  Lucifer’s Lobby if there ever was one.


This innovative social media platform offers an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels to connect not only with their audience but other film festivals as well. There are many unique perks to this platform, including networking with distribution companies, other productions, and production companies and even opportunity for filmmakers to get paid with per-subscriber revenue sharing. The creators of Klicxz will be attending Shockfest to represent this platform, and the best part is to join it is absolutely free!

Mama Dog

Looking for some fun and frightening flair for your furry friends at home? Mama Dog has you covered! Make spike look like a badass with a studded collar, or give sweet little Fifi a spooky new look. This Mama gives a whole lotta love to her dogs and yours and will not let you down when it comes to giving them their 365-day-a-year-Halloween-pride! After all, Halloween never ends at the Hotel Paranormal.

Monster Creations

At Monster Creations, everything is Coffins! from coffin bags, to coffin cases, jars of Worm’s Wart and Frog’s Breath for your witchery needs and a variety of other Horror Accessories, Monster Creations adds a touch of love to everything they make. We highly recommend their coffin jewelry cases, which are made from scratch by the artist team behind this venomous vendor table. 

Planet Paranormal

The ghost hunters behind Paranormal Talk Radio and a collection of paranormal-themed books are bringing their collection to Shockfest to educate you on ghost hunting, haunted destinations and posing the question, “Is there life after death?” Bob Davis and Brian Clune explore the paranormal and cannot wait to meet with you to discuss what they have seen with their own eyes.

Scoops and Mischief

The twisted minds behind Hellfire Radio, Scoops and Mischief invade Hotel Paranormal and have parked their dark carnival tent smack dab in Lucifer’s Lobby. A creepy horror host duo of clowns ready to wreak havoc on Shockfest, there’s no telling what diabolical disasters these demons will bring, but it is sure to include a whole lot of Mischief, and probably a few Scoops of delicious ice cream. 

Vulture City ParaCon

The paranormal investigators, Jay and Marie Yates have arrived from the mysterious deserts of Arizona, bringing with them news from the haunted ghost town of Vulture City. Their event, Vulture City ParaCon, will be taking place next year and the two paranormal investigators have plans to showcase their knowledge and information on both the haunted ghost town and hunting for spirits in general during Shockfest weekend.

This lineup of vendors at Lucifer’s Lobby is sure to convert a few guests to the side of sin during their stay at Hotel Paranormal and it is not going to be an experience to miss. If you wish to dive right into the deep dark pit of despair and take part in the frightening festivities as well, get your tickets today at and use the code: LUCIFER for a %25 discount on tickets to Shockfest. Join the party as the road to Hell is easily the most fun trip you will ever have, until it all ends for good.  

Shockfest Film Festival 2019

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