September 2020 Night Worms Book Subscription Box: Fall For Murder

If you are diving into spooky season headfirst, then you will need some awesome, horror-packed reading material. I have been getting Night Worms since the very beginning when the book subscription service started back in 2018. Past packages have featured authors like Josh Malerman, Grady Hendrix, Stephen Graham Jones, and more.

September’s theme is Fall for Murder. Everything in the package is geared towards true crime. There are three books included and each has signed bookplates, plus a fun goodie bag to get you into the true crime spirit.

So let’s dig in!

America’s First Female Serial Killer by Mary McBrayer w/ signed bookplate

America’s first female serial killer was not always a killer. America’s First Female Serial Killer novelizes the true story of first-generation Irish-American nurse Jane Toppan, born as Honora Kelley. Although all the facts are intact, books about her life and her crimes are all facts and no story. Jane Toppan was absolutely a monster, but she did not start out that way.

*Night Worms Exclusive* Shadow Vista by Mark Steensland and Charles Colyott w/ signed bookplate

The Shadow Vista subdivision ran out of money over a year ago. Now surrounded by rusting fence and patrolled by guards from Tin Star Security Service, the under-construction homes do little more than gather dust and spiderwebs.

But they are not alone. A killer in gray coveralls and a red ski mask has made it their own private cemetery, turning backyard benches into tombs and patios into slabs covering the bodies of their victims.
For part-time student Zachary Frenkel, working swing shift as a Tin Star guard at Shadow Vista was the perfect gig. Until he crosses paths with the killer and plunges into a battle to save himself from being
 the next victim!

Standalone by Paul Michael Anderson w/ signed bookplate

They are killers. They are monsters. They are evil.

They stalk through summer camps, abandoned hospitals, rundown schools, and isolated houses, hunting anyone foolish enough to visit these places, leaving behind carnage, terror, death, and destruction.

Sometimes, there are survivors. Always, there is blood.

And they do it to protect and preserve all of existence across the Multiverse.

But now they are the ones being stalked and hunted, and life as we know it hangs in the balance unless they figure out a way to survive.

Goodie Bag

  • Hot Chocolate @retreat_drinks
  • True Crime and Chill sticker @RoseandAlder
  • Fall for Murder bookmark @theinksmithe
  • Halloween Season promotional material
  • Charles Colyott promotional bookmark

That is it for September 2020’s Night Worms subscription box. I hope everyone will join me when I receive October’s Package. Lastly, November’s package is still available and is $37.99. Click HERE if you are needing a little more horror in your life.

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Dani loves horror movies ever since she saw Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers with Danielle Harris. She loves vampires, her favorite movie is Interview with a Vampire. She reads constantly and mostly books about the supernatural and is also a paranormal investigator.

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