Scream Season 3 Gets Complete and Total Reboot

According to, MTV announced today that Scream season 3 will be getting a complete and total reboot. What does this mean? So far, we don’t know much. From what we do know is that Lakewood Killer Brandon James will be no more and that the answer to cliffhanger episode “Spring Break,” we will never know. Great. Just when we were starting to grow attached to the characters, they go and pull the rug from under us and hand the show over to Queen Latifah’s production company, Flavor Unit Entertainment. Are you scratching your head at that one? Maybe hearing that the brand new show-runner is Brett Matthews who’s been on The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural will get your blood pumping. 

The good news? Craven’s name will still be attached as an executive producer, not to mention The Weinstein Brothers, Harvey and Bob, under the Dimension name. This franchise is so near and dear to me, I had trouble with accepting the TV series the first time around, but it’s grown on me since. As a fan of the show, I feel ripped off at this change of events. I was invested in certain characters and what was going to happen to them in later seasons.

Leave it to MTV to piss people off. They have been doing it for years. To be honest, I don’t know how they can continue to even call themselves MTV when there hasn’t been any music on Music Television for I don’t even know how long. MTV, we trusted you with a beloved franchise and what do you do? Sigh… As much as I would like the franchise to live on, I think maybe it’s time to let it go… unless by some miracle they can pull it together and surprise us all by bringing something fresh. In my honest opinion, they should just bring Kevin Williamson on. Doesn’t that seem like a no brainer?

So, what do you think? Will you be watching Scream season 3? Are you as skeptical as I am? Let us know in the comments and be sure to  check back to PopHorror as we hear more news on Scream season 3. 

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