Scream Factory Announces Huge Number of New Releases

In terms of exciting news that came out of Comic-Con this weekend, nothing comes close to the announcement that Adam Wingard’s upcoming horror movie The Woods is actually a secret sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Still, Scream Factory generated plenty of buzz by announcing a huge number of upcoming re-releases. Read the Official Press Release below.

  1. BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) (Collector’s Edition) – Stars Bruce Campbell and directed by Don Coscarelli.

2 WILLARD (1971) – The rare 70s rat-revenge film is (finally) coming to DVD & Blu-ray!

  1. BEN (1972) – The sequel to Willard.
  2. BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) (Collector’s Edition) – The original slasher classic!

  1. POLTERGEIST II (1986) (Collector’s Edition)– “They’re Back!”
  2. POLTERGEIST III (1988) (Collector’s Edition) – “They’ve Found Her!”
  3. DREAMSCAPE (1984) (Collector’s Edition) – The fantasy cult classic starring Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw.
  4. RABID (1977) (Collector’s Edition) – The early Cronenberg classic!

  1. DEAD RINGERS (1988) (Collector’s Editon) – Another Cronenberg favorite. Stars Jeremy Irons.

10 & 11. SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II (1987) & III (1990) double feature. – You asked for it (a lot) so make sure to buy it! 🙂

  1. THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED (1970- Rare AIP early “slasher” film!
  2. DEAD OF WINTER (1987) – Chilling thriller starring Mary Steenburgen and the late great Roddy McDowell.

We have no other details to report at this time. Expect though that some of these will be begin releasing in November.


Which re-releases are you most excited about? Sound off in the Comments section!

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