Schlock Shock Radio To Re-release Old Episodes And Releasing New Ones

Enjoy podcasts or audio dramas? Then we have some news that may interest you. Schlock Shock Radio, a audio drama podcast, is re-releasing their old episodes and also releasing a few new ones. Read on for the details.

From the press release:

Mystery, suspense, murder, and the macabre! Schlock Shock Radio is an award-winning fictional horror drama podcast fit for all of you who like things that go bump in the night! With times as they are now, some brief escape from quarantine may just be the thing you need.

Co-created and produced by Stephen Snowden and Chris Gierowski (producer of Don’t F*** in the Woods 1 and 2, Betsy, HEAD), Schlock Shock Radio is an anthology of short audio horror dramas in the vein of the radio dramas of the 1930s. Complete with music, sound effects, voice actors, and scary stories to listen to in the dark!

These stories range from werewolves on a train to mutant babies to a killer on a movie set. We even have the epic six-part adventure, “The Dormant,” about a group of people isolated within a remote mansion in the mountains, which won an award at the HEAR Now Festival Podcast Palooza 2017. These tales will certainly send shivers down your spine! Around 8 hours of content!

We have re-released all of the old episodes, and for the next three weeks (starting April 27), we will be releasing never before heard episodes that have been unearthed and will bring terror into the hearts of men… and women!

Stephen Snowden says:

Schlock Shock Radio is like a shot of lightning from your headphones directly to the brain pan for your auditory pleasure!” 

Chris Gierowski says:

“We had fun making these stories. We hope everyone will enjoy them and stay safe during the quarantine.” 

With the voice talents of Amanda Collins (Venture, 60 Seconds to Die, Night of the Living Dead-Rebirth), Dorée Seay (The View From Here, Split Lip), and even president of Troma and creator of The Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman!

Excerpt from episode, “The Maumer:”

Excerpt from episode, “The Rockney Way Slasher:”

Schlock Shock Radio Podcast site:

Twitter: @SchlockShockRad
Schlock Shock Radio sounds like a lot of fun. Are you planning to check them out? Let us know! You can listen to Schlock Shock Radio here.

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