RIP: “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis Has Passed Away at 90

2016 has claimed another great horror icon. Something Weird Video has announced that Herschell Gordon Lewis, dubbed the “Godfather of Gore”, has passed away. He was 90-years-old.

“Very sad news. We’re sad to report that Herschell Gordon Lewis has passed away. Herschell was a dear friend and colleague of ours and will be missed very much. Our deepest sympathies to his wife Margot and his family. RIP to the Godfather of Gore…”

Per Wikipedia: He is often called the “Godfather of Gore”, though his film career has included works in a range of exploitation film genres including juvenile delinquent films, nudie-cuties, two children’s films and at least one rural comedy. On Lewis’ career, Allmovie wrote, “With his better-known gore films, Herschell Gordon Lewis was a pioneer, going farther than anyone else dared, probing the depths of disgust and discomfort onscreen with more bad taste and imagination than anyone of his era.”

Our thoughts go out to Herschell’s close friends and family. He was a unique soul who will be missed.

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