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Movie Review – ‘Mara’ (2018) Will Cause Sleepless Nights

Mara is a terrifying new film by first time feature film director Clive Tonge that introduces audiences to the world of sleep paralysis. It is the story of Dr. Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko: Hitman, Quantum of Solace, Dans la brume), a psychologist who is called to a crime scene to evaluate the mental state of Helena (Rosie Fellner), woman who apparently murdered her husband in their home. Her job is to help the police decide if the suspect should be sent to prison or a mental institution. The suspect’s daughter, Sophie (Mackenzie Imsand), is the only other witness to the crime, but she is very traumatized by the incident.

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When interviewed, Helena explains that her husband was having an affair, but that she didn’t kill him. The night of his death, she woke up completely paralyzed and saw a sleep demon named Mara (Javier Botet). She claims that she was helpless as Mara climbed on her husband’s chest and killed him. Was this just an excuse, or was there a sleep demon targeting Helena’s husband?

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Dr. Fuller soon finds herself drawn into a mystery she cannot explain. Soon, she, too, begins to suffer from the same symptoms, and it is not long before the doctor finds herself marked for death. But can she unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

Mara is brilliantly shot and produced, creating a sense of dread and terror that slowly builds as the film goes on. The sheer helpless, claustrophobic terror that accompanies sleep paralysis victims is vividly portrayed here, and the scenes with Mara herself are frightening enough to make even seasoned horror movie viewers lose a little sleep. The acting is excellent, especially Craig Conway’s portrayal of the desperate, sleep deprived Dougie. This film is an absolutely must to see, and I’m anxious to see what this first time feature director has in store for the future!

Mara is available in Theaters as well as Digital HD and VOD on September 7, 2018. Make sure to check it out!

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