Return of the Living Roseanne! Cross Your Fingers For A New Halloween Episode

Theeeeyyy’rrreee Heeeeerrrrrreeee! News broke out yesterday that the TV series Roseanne was getting an 8 episode revival! I grew up watching this show and I have seen the entire show in its syndication more times than I can count. So, my initial response was obviously joy but then my friend mentioned something about a Halloween episode. As fans of the popular blue-collar show are aware, Roseanne had a Halloween special every single year and each one was always better than the last. Will we get one of her famous episodes?

Considering it would air in the fall I can’t see her not giving us one of those dearly missed Halloween episodes. Everyone is a little confused, considering she wrote Dan as dead at the end of the show because in real life that was what had happened. However, John Goodman has signed up to return so maybe just maybe, and this is very far-fetched but maybe a zombie episode (cue laughter). Just kidding, she has said previously that if she ever did a revival that she would write him as having faked his own death. That is outrageous but this is Roseanne were talking about! I would totally be down for a zombie Dan that just sort of wandered each episode.

Part of the TV show’s legend is the annual Halloween episode so I can’t see them giving us the shaft on it. Roseanne Barr, you have yet to let us down and I don’t think that you will start now. What do I think we should worry about? Well, the news is that Laurie Metcalf, who plays Roseanne’s sister Jackie, has not signed on for the revival yet. I will be incredibly disappointed if she Mary Kate and Ashley’s this revival! She is pivotal, deeply loved, and part of this hilariously well-oiled machine! What do you guys think? Will we get a Halloween episode? Is Laurie Metcalf returning? Will Dan Conner be a zombie? Make sure to tune in this fall for a revival that so many of us have been waiting for.

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