Regal Cinemas’ Promo Bridges The Gap Between the Big Screen & Digital Downloads

The classic experience of enjoying a film in the theater in all its cinematic glory and the portability and accessibility of the digital download always seem put the movie lover in the middle. One is the purest form of why we came to love watching movies in the first place, and the other lets us watch more new films and our beloved classics with an unprecedented availability any time we want. Regal Cinemas’ Universal Movie Bonus is the best of both worlds.

Regal Cinemas’ Regal Crown Club Members that see multiple films from the following four upcoming Universal releases can get rewards that include extra credits and free popcorn. See all of them and get FREE digital downloads of all four when they become available.

Here’s the details from the Regal Cinemas’ press release:

Qualifying Movies:*

  • Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare! – Opens 4/13
  • Breaking In – Opens 5/11
  • The First Purge – Opens 7/4
  • Halloween (2018) – Opens 10/19

* Members must use their Regal Crown Club card when purchasing tickets to these films in order to qualify for the bonuses below.

Available Bonuses:

  • See any two of these films and receive 1000 extra credits*
  • See any three of these films and receive an additional 1000 credits and a free small popcorn (loaded directly to your Crown Club card)*
  • See all four of these films before 11/8/18 and receive 1000 extra credits PLUS a digital copy of all four of these films (codes delivered via email when the titles are released in that format)**

* Allow up to 48 hours for delivery of extra credits and loaded-to-card free small popcorn reward.

** Must see all four titles before receiving the digital copies. Digital movie codes will be distributed after they are made available but no sooner than 10/19. Some titles may not be available immediately upon completion of the program but will be delivered when made available in that format. Codes are delivered via Crown Club email. Members must be subscribed to Regal Newsletter to receive this reward.

May be required to sign up for a third-party account to host digital download. Redemption retailer account required.

Not a member of the Regal Crown Club? Register your existing card or join for free now!

Are you going to get yourself a Regal Crown Club card through Regal Cinemas and try out some of these cool movie bonuses? Let us know in the comments!

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