‘Reap’ And ‘Insanity’ Are Now Available On DVD

Courtesy of Bayview Entertainment, the horror films Reap and Insanity are now available on DVD.

Reap is directed by Joe Leone (Parched) and stars Alexis Abrams (Princess Dahlia), Angelica Arroliga (Parched), Gregory Barker (Pamela), and Jordan Allen Bell (Crash the System).


When an unexpected visitor turns up at a house party and informs the guests that they are destined to die that very night, the doomed revelers must find replacements to take their slots.

You can view the trailer below:

Insanity is directed by Miska Kajanus and stars Alina Tomnikov (Donna), Karlo Haapiainen (The Hijack That Went South), Saara Inari (Letterbox), Henry Poyhia (Nightmare 2: The Nightmare Continues), and Hanna Angelvuo (Kjakarat).


A group of twenty somethings head to an island for a getaway, class reunion, and a night of partying. During the fateful evening, the past begins to haunt them and old grudges from their shared past come to surface. Soon, they start to fear there might also be something else on the island besides them and old scores are settled, everything is brought to the surface, and revenge is had.

Check out the trailer below:

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