R.L. Stine’s ‘Fear Street’ Is Coming to the Big Screen

Move over, Goosebumps – another R.L. Stine series will be hitting the big screen! Before Goosebumps, R.L. Stine published a series of teen books called Fear Street. The first book in the series was published in 1989 and the books continued on into the ’90s. The original series of books featured teens taking on the supernatural and other crazy humans. The series contained 51 books ranging from deadly best friends to hauntings to being stalked by dangerous characters. Back in 2014, R.L. Stine brought back the series, republishing the books with new covers.

This would not be the first movie adaption of one of Stine’s books. The Goosebumps movie came out in October of 2015; the movie was a original story but included all the Goosebumps monsters, as well as Slappy, the infamous ventriloquist dummy. Stine tweeted that the Fear Street movie would also be an original story with more to come. Now the project even has a writer attached. Known for his work on The Beaver and Awake, Kyle Killen is writing the screenplay for the movie.

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It was announced in 2015 that 20th Century Fox would be optioning the Fear Street movie, and last week Stine announced that the project was finally in production. Now with the story being original, there will still have to be some connecting features. Fear Street is is a cursed lane in Shadyside, Ohio. There are several other sketchy areas in this doomed town: Fear Woods, Fear Mansion, and Fear Island.

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Personally, I can’t wait for this movie. I have a whole row on my bookshelf dedicated to the Fear Street series. The books are fun little reads that let me escape reality, like horror candy. Even if they are somewhat cheesy, I still love reading the books. Have you ever read any of the Fear Street books? Are you too afraid to take a walk on Fear Street?

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