PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS Unveils New Music and Video Releases

Prophecy Productions has a great reputation as an artist friendly record label. Since 1996, they have had the singular intent to release and promote exceptional and captivating music. They consistently embrace new genres and are committed to finding increasingly aesthetically diverse bands who tie into the dark and transcendental core. If it’s indie and cool and “out there,” you’ll find it here!

The label sends along word they’ve got four new singles from four bands in their stable. Great stuff!

Check them out!

Perchta – “Erdn”

Taking its name from a pagan goddess revered among the people in the Upper German and Austrian Alps, Perchta from Tyrol, Austria, were founded in 2017 and channel the deity’s essence to keep alive regional traditions that have been trivialized over time to fit modern conveniences.

Be sure to check out their Prophecy artist page here!

Secrets of the Moon – “Praise The Kaos (Live)”

Originally released on cassette in 2002 and limited to only 200 copies, Live In Bitterfeld shows an early incarnation of Secrets Of The Moon performing at club Festung Bitterfeld, Germany, on December 8th, 2001. These cult recordings are now available on vinyl for the first time ever, carefully restored and remastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony Studios (Urfaust, Sodom, Destruction).

Be sure to check out their official website here!

Moon Far Away – “Solnce Krasnove”

Once referred to as “the heart of Russian gothic folk” or “The Russian Dead Can Dance,” Moon Far Away has released four studio albums, a live album, several singles and numerous collaborations since their inception in 1994 and played festivals across Russia and Europe. Moon Far Away have dedicated themselves to the continuation of their home region’s tradition, both musically and culturally. By combining traditional European culture and the soundscapes of the Russian North with influences from classic neo folk and modern technology, the music of Moon Far Away is a unique artistic expression where West meets East.

Check out their official Prophecy page here.

Vuur & Zijde – “Zonnestorm”

In advance of their forthcoming debut album via Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge, newly formed black metal trio Vuur & Zijde (“fire and silk”) – featuring members of LasterNusquama and Terzij de Horde – introduce themselves on a split-release alongside the similarly enigmatic Impavida.

Meant not for the faint-hearted but all those who seek transcendental aural darkness, the groups’ self-titled joint effort stimulates imagination and – ultimately – leads to remarkable revelations.

Be sure to check them out on Bandcamp!

Prophecy Productions

Cool stuff! These guys keep publishing great music. Be sure to give it a listen, because there’s lots of great stuff coming in 2020.

What do you think? Which new single did you like most? Tell us in the comments!

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