John Carpenter Makes An Important Announcement About ‘Halloween’ (2018)

More details on the new Halloween movie have surfaced this week. In a statement, John Carpenter has confirmed that the new film is a direct sequel to his original film. Recent speculation about the 2018 movie picking up from the end of Halloween II had fans of the franchise questioning how the story line will correlate with the first two installments. Below you will find even more elaborate information released in this week’s press release. 
The Press Release:
The forthcoming Halloween reboot will be a sequel to the original movie only, according to series creator John Carpenter. Halloween fans are already aware of how twisted the series’ timeline has become over the years. The original film spawned seven sequels, but that’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Halloween II picked up where the original left off, revealing killer Michael Myers and his victim Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) are actually brother and sister; the movie ended with Myers seemingly dead for good.
Dr. Loomis and Michael come face-to-face in Halloween II
Halloween III: Season Of The Witch highlights an original story and was intended to launch an anthology series; mediocre box-office and angry fans killed that idea. Michael returned to life for Halloween IV-VI, only for Halloween: H20 to wipe those films out of existence by pretending they didn’t happen. Michael finally kills his sister Laurie in Halloween: Resurrection, before the franchise was rebooted with Rob Zombie’s Halloween in 2007. That means at least four separate continuities across ten films, but the next movie is looking to untangle all those knots and go back to basics.
In an interview with Stereo Gum, Carpenter said that the new Halloween will only acknowledge the original film, with the others being ignored. When asked if he was responsible for Jamie Lee Curtis coming back to the series, Carpenter had this to say about how the film will work:
“No. She talked to the director. Her part was written into the script and they had this idea — it’s kind of a… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s almost an alternative reality. It picks up after the first one and it pretends that none of the others were made. It’s gonna be fun. There’s a really talented director and it was well-written. I’m impressed.”
Carpenter has spoken many times in the past about how he never intended Halloween to become a franchise, and that he isn’t a fan of the various sequels. Contractually, he was bound to write 1981’s Halloween II, where he introduced the Michael/Laurie twist. This family connection has since become a huge part of the series lore. Therefore, if the new film is ignoring everything after the original, that could mean Michael Myers and Laurie won’t be siblings this time around.
Fans are excited about the new installment for the movie franchise. In part because of the reunion of John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, in addition to Blumhouse producing. While the decision to wipe other sequels out of existence may upset some longtime fans, it also makes a certain amount of sense. The backstory of the Halloween franchise has become impossibly convoluted over the years… not to mention the fact that Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode, has already died in the previous movies.
Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter attending the American Cinematheque Film Series’ Beyond Fest – ‘Halloween’ Screening in 2014
With the line-up of talent involved, the 2018 installment relinquishes every reason to hope the new Halloween will be able to stand alongside the original. Fans have hope that the sequel will give them what they want. Halloween is expected to be released on Oct 19, 2018.
Fan art displayed throughout social media
Are you excited to have Halloween return to the big screen? How do you feel about them incorporating Michael 40 years later? Sound off in the comment section below to share your thoughts and voice your opinions.

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  1. Another awesome article. I had no idea a new Halloween movie was being made and I don’t know how I feel about it wiping the existence of the others like they didn’t happen nd how Michael and Laurie may not be brother and sister. It should be interesting .Definitely will watch, I love Halloween , I love Michael Myers , and I have liked all the movies. Its just too bad we have to wait a whole year for the release .

    • Thank you Donna!
      I have read so many rumors about a new Halloween movie in the works. I almost thought they wwre pulling our leg with teaser advertising and such. But When I found out John Carpenter was involved and now Jamie Lee Curtis I’m so eager to see what’s in store.

      The concept, although still broad and minimal on detail, leave the fans wondering how everything will pan out. I am on the fence about everything after the first being obsolete. There have been many great artists who created works around very iconic scenes from these films.

      Either way I cannot wait. I’m saving up for the Halloween/Michael Myers hype that’s going to come with it.