Poster Announcement For Adam Paul Weber’s New Short, ‘The Body’

We’ve had a ball covering Adam Weber’s horror shorts. So far, we’ve seen After Hours (2016 – read our review here) and The First Date (2018 – read our review here). We just found out that the filmmaker, who was also a producer for Terrifier (2017 – read our review of that film here), Don’t Fuck In The Woods (2016 – read our review here) and 60 Second to Die: 60 Seconds to Die (2018), is working on a brand new project called The Body. The film a bit of a switch around for Weber – less a bloody horror film and more of a comedy thriller.

And we’ve got the poster! Check it out!

Here’s the synopsis:

The Body is a crime/comedy about a hit man and his potential protege who are tasked with burying a body in the countryside, but the seemingly simple job takes an unexpected turn.

If you’re a fan of things like 100 Bloody Acres (2012) and Kill Me Three Times (2014), then The Body is for you!

The Australian filmmaker is writing, producing and directing this film. We’re told that The Body pays homage to Weber’s love of crime films, and that it hopefully infuses something new and surprising into the mix. The film is aiming to go into production in May 2019. The Body will star Marc Clement (director of photography from The First Date), Anton Schrama (the chef from The First Date) and Tim Hawkins (who was an extra in The First Date as well).

I know I can’t wait to see this new Adam Weber project. What do you think? Are crime comedies your thing? Let us know in the comments!

And stay tuned to PopHorror, as we’ll share any news from this project as soon as we get it.

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