PopHorror Went to Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines!

The weekend of the May 19-21, PopHorror was able to attend a really great event in Des Moines, Iowa – Wizard World Comic Con! It was such a fun experience to get to see people dressed up as their favorite super heroes, Disney Princesses, and of course, horror movie icons! People from everywhere gathered together to see some of their favorite celebrities and reminisce in nostalgic moments. However, there is so much more that goes on at Wizard World, including vendor booths, artists, and fun trivia where you can win prizes. Here is a recap of the weekend!

Who you gonna call?

As soon as you walk into the con, everyone is automatically greeted by some very fun cosplay players! They would shout, “Welcome to Wizard World!” and then kindly pose with you if you wanted a picture. The official greeter and host of Wizard World happened to be the most famous house guest ever, Kato Kaelin, and was he a hoot! He certainly got the crowd going by introducing all the acts that performed. Not to mention, he would go out in the crowd and ask people to sing!

The most famous house guest ever and host of Wizard World Kato Kaelin

Some of our favorite cosplay costumes dressed as Freddy, Catwoman, Wolverine, and a Ghostbuster. Of course, we can’t leave out Jason!

Freddy's got himself a new gal pal, CatWoman!
Freddy’s got himself a new gal pal, Catwoman!

Plus, you know if Freddy is around, Jason isn’t too far behind!

Jason lurking behind Wolverine!
Jason lurking behind Wolverine!

Next up, there was some fun stuff to do for the kiddos. The Disney Princesses taught them how to dance among other fun activities!

Awesome Princess Jasmine cosplay.

There were some amazing vendors at Wizard World! A personal favorite was Red Chapter Clothing. They had such unique ambigram T-shirts! You can check out their clothing at https://www.redchapterclothing.com/.

Hanging out at the Red Chapter Clothing Booth with Co-Owner and contestant of the TV’s The Voice Michael Austin Martin.

Some of the celebrities people came to see are Holly Marie Combs, Barry Bostwick, Emma Caufield, James Marsters and Dean Cain… just to name a few! They were all amazing people and so gracious to their fans. Only one celebrity, who I will not name, left me sad and disappointed. They were only there for a couple of hours and barely looked up at you while signing your $70 autograph. That would be my only complaint! Aside from that, one big name that people really came to see and purchased VIP passes for was the legendary Stan Lee! Take a look at this fan photo op, I think it says it all!

Brent Johnson of West Des Moines, Iowa with his lifetime icon Stan Lee.

One sad story for PopHorror is that we missed out on meeting Robert Englund aka Freddy Kreuger as he had to cancel after breaking his foot. Robert is such an amazing person and he issued an apology video via Facebook to his fans that he was sorry he couldn’t make it. As much as it saddens us that we didn’t get to see the fun rivalry between Robert Englund and Kane Hodder, we did get the chance to hang out with the one and only Mr. Hodder. So, please stay tuned to PopHorror for an exclusive interview!

Wizard World Comic Con in Des Monies was an amazing time and we can’t wait to go back next year. We would also like to thank Jerry Milani, the director of Wizard World, for allowing us the opportunity to cover this awesome event!



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