PopHorror Film Treatment Contest – Do You Have a Great Film Idea?

PopHorror is pleased to present you with the PopHorror Film Treatment Contest.  We’ve partnered with the Exhibitors Network to find a treatment for a full length feature film.  The Exhibitor Network is made up of several hundred independent exhibitors and film creators across the US and Canada.  Entrants may submit up to 3 treatments, winners will be selected and paid $100 (USD) via paypal.  If a specific treatment stands out, the entrant may be hired to complete the script.  Here are some criteria that producers are looking for:

  • Horror / Suspense film treatment.
  • A solid story structure.
  • Characters that are well thought out and significant.
  • A film world that is believable and entertaining.
  • The treatment should feel like a great ride.
  • Must be your own original work.

To submit your treatment send your contact info and a pdf of your work to contest@pophorror.wpengine.com


How long should the treatment be?

As long as you need to convey the concept.

Who can enter?

Since this contest is being judged by producers from a third party (Seventy7) anyone not employed by Seventy7 may enter.

Who will be reading?

Treatments will be reviewed by producers who are interested in finding new content.  Treatments may be reviewed by investors to the exhibitor network.

Who owns the IP?

Until you are paid for your work, you still own the concept.  That being said we highly advise you to protect yourself or copyright your work.

I have a script, can I submit it?

Yes. But, if you submit a fully flushed script the prize will serve as an option for the script and you will need to be paid for the script before it can be used.  this is to protect you as the writer/entrant.

Why is PopHorror involved?

We were paid a small advertising fee to promote this contest on our site.  We are not involved otherwise.

If I have questions who should I contact?

If you have question you may email contest at pophorror (dot) com and they will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


By submitting an entry into this contest you agree that neither PopHorror LLC, nor Jamil Ventures LLC is legally responsible for your work, the producers work, or any other creative ownership or stake in this contest.  To the extent of PopHorror or Jamil Ventures legal responsibility is solely that of our privacy statement.

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