The Best of Planet Comicon 2018

Planet Comicon 2018 in Kansas City, MO is the place where nerd fandoms of all kinds converge into one great big ball of high holy nerdliness. This past weekend marked another year of the event. With the attendance of Jason Mamoa, Danny Trejo, Alan Tudyk and John Cusack and a full line-up of amazing anime voices, animators and actors, it was bound to be a hell of a weekend for the convention.

Panels are ongoing during the event and most of the space is taken up by hundreds of vendors. While some patrons of the con sit in the panels (such as the Walking Dead panel with Sonequa Martin-Green and Khary Payton) and stand in the lines for autographs, my shopaholic heart lies in the in all of the stuff that you can find. The best part of conventions, in my humble opinion, is walking around the vendors’ area and seeing all of the collectables, clothing, and cosplayers as far as the eye can see.

From booths just for Supernatural fans, Harry Potter and superheroes to a whole smorgasbord of artwork, props, and collectables, you can see it all. There were some familiar faces you see at many KC events like Atomic Cotton, Elite Comics and Collectors Cache and others that came out just for the larger events like Planet Comicon 2018 and Naka-con. Here is a collection of amazing booths and cosplayers from the event.

Planet Comicon 2018
Jill Valentine ready to kick ass. Look out Albert Wesker!
Planet Comicon 2018
The creepy sculptures from horror artist Patrick Hart.

You can check out more of Patrick Hart’s artwork on his Instagram page.

Planet Comicon 2018
Author David J. Pedersen

David J. Pedersen is the author of the book series Angst. Angst is a 40-year-old man in a mid-life crisis and was convinced that adventure had passed him by, but fate had other plans. The book’s tagline is “A midlife crisis in Medieval times.” David is one of the sweetest people I met at the con and I am so excited about this story. Also, for every book sold, a dollar is donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Disease. Check out more on his website.

Planet Comicon 2018

Definitely not the only Negan cosplayer I saw but he was by far my favorite. And I’m pretty sure those are real teeth on that necklace. I LOVE seeing people of all ages cosplay.

Planet Comicon 2018
Artist Dustin Resch.

I was strolling through the vendors when I stopped dead in my tracks for the picture he is holding. How could I pass by Bowie? Dustin Resch does almost surreal versions of your favorite actors and musicians. See more of his work on his website.

Planet Comicon 2018
Artist and prop creator Steven K. Smith.

When I saw that realistic Psycho mask on that table, I couldn’t help but stop. Steven K. Smith is the owner of SKS Props. He is so good, he was actually commissioned by the Turbo Kid movie to make a prop for some fundraising. His work is insane up close. Shop his work on his etsy.

Mary, Winifred, Sarah Sanderson in the flesh. This ladies didn’t break character once.

This Mortal Kombat cosplay is so fun. I love how he brought the fatality along with him.

The cutest little ghostbuster in the biz, complete with his own Ecto-1. He was proud of his “sword” (aka his proton pack).

Planet Comicon 2018
Zack and Erica from Atomic Cotton.

My favorite horror t-shirts in the land, Atomic Cotton is killing it in horror merchandise. With high quality and original designs, I highly recommend these. They also have some new designs for Women in Horror Month. Check them out on their website.

I saw many Jack’s and Sally’s at Planet Comicon 2018, but I loved the homemade head on this one.

Don’t go away. Some of the winners of the cosplay contests on the next page!

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