‘Perception’ (2019) Movie Review: Sexy, Intense Thriller

Thrillers are typically my favorite genre. I love the build-up and suspense. That on your edge of seat feeling. So, when I heard about the new film Perception, I definitely couldn’t wait to check it out. Not only did it have an intriguing story, but it also had a killer cast. Did it deliver all the tension and horror goodness that I love? Find out.

From Gravitas Ventures, this new psychological thriller was directed by Ilana Rein as well a co-written by Rein and Brian Smith. The cast includes Wes Ramsey (General HospitalCharmed), Meera Rohit Kumbhani (This Is UsDave Made a Maze), Caitlin Mehner (Best of EnemiesOcean’s 8), and Max Jenkins (High Maintenance, Dead to Me).

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Synopsis for Perception

When Daniel, a successful real estate developer, must evict Nina, a mysterious small-time psychic struggling to provide for her young son, the last thing he expects in return is a free reading. But when Nina senses the spirit of Daniel’s dead wife, a once-promising artist, his desire to reconnect with her quickly becomes an obsession.

Haunted by memories, Daniel is determined to reunite with his wife—who may have designs of her own. Soon, Daniel and Nina must each decide how far they’ll go to get what they want in this supernatural, psychological thriller.


I actually ended up loving this way more than I thought I would. The story was refreshingly unique but also reminds me of some my other favorite thrillers like What Lies Beneath (2000). It has that same great tension and mystery and it lasts throughout the entire runtime. Along with that, there is some great imagery and cinematography along with killer performances by all the cast.

Perception is one emotional and intense ride. It’s never easy losing the one you love and we all handle it differently. Daniel (Ramsey) is a very successful businessman, but all the money and the world can’t bring back the love of his life. That is until he meets Nina (Kumbhani) who is a talented psychic that is able to reconnect him with Maggie (Mehner) and help heal. But it wouldn’t be a thriller if there weren’t some twists and turns involved, right? Soon, Nina and Daniel both realize that sometimes dead is better and not everything is at it seems.


Ramsey delivers a brilliant and emotionally driven performance. You can feel the pain and misery Daniel is going through and how much it is messing with his head. Nina’s performance is equally intense and impressive. She really brought a lot of personality and empathy to her character. Mehner is stunning and captivates the screen anytime she appeared. I also really enjoyed Max Jenkins character who is the optimist character that brings a little light humor to this tense thriller.

This isn’t a film that is super bloody or gory, but it doesn’t need to be. It keeps you at the edge of your seat with an intense and sexy story with beautiful cinematography that captures the tension and drama perfectly. A good mystery is always a plus. Perception is worth watching for this alone.

Final Thoughts

I love everything about this film and it’s definitely one of the new favorite psychological thrillers. It’s also one of the best films in 2019. You can’t beat the suspension, mystery, and sexiness that this film delivers. It’s quite the mind-fuck. Perception is now available on VOD and will be debuting on Blu-ray and DVD August 20! So sink your teeth into this intriguing mystery and let PopHorror know what you think!

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