Patrick Lussier’s Halloween Thriller, ‘Trick,’ Begins Filming in New York

At one point, Patrick Lussier was in development to bring Halloween 3D to life. He could’ve have done well with it. We need filmmakers like him with an eye for classic old school noir and pulp with the ability to weave it in with the fabric of crowd pleasing popcorn horror. Thankfully, he’s getting a shot at a new Halloween-themed project called Trick, starring Omar Epps.

Trick began principal production recently in New York. Omar Epps portrays Detective Denver, the only one who knows anything about a mysterious serial killer called Trick, who terrorizes a small town every year and seems too elusive to be stopped. Denver shot and killed him once during a previous encounter, but new victims indicate that Trick may not be dead after all.

Both Opps and Lussier’s credits include frequent collaborations with horror master Wes Craven with the Scream and Dracula franchises, while the latter was involved in Red Eye (2005), New Nightmare (1994), Jason X (2001) and Vampire in Brooklyn (1995). Along with Todd Farmer, these two created the My Bloody Valentine remake (2009 – read our retro review here) and the wildly underrated Mandy-esque Nic Cage film, Drive Angry (2011). Farmer joins him again as writer for Trick.

Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer on the Drive Angry set

Trick also stars Ellen Adair (Homeland TV series, The Sinner TV series) as Sheriff Lisa Jayne, the sheriff in the small town of Benton who has always considered Detective Denver as her mentor. Cheryl Winston, the only survivor of the latest round of killings in her small town, will be played by Kristina Reyes (Blindspot TV series, Shades of Blue TV series). Talbott is played by frequent George A. Romero collaborator and horror icon, Tom Atkins. Jamie Kennedy (Scream franchiseTremors: A Cold Day In Hell 2018) will play Dr. Steven.

Producer Ellen Wander (Misconduct 2016, Spinning Man 2018, Marshall 2017) stated,

“We are thrilled to get into production with Omar and Patrick and can’t wait to have this film be seen by audiences everywhere.”

Film Bridge International will handle worldwide sales for the film. In addition, Film Bridge International has partnered with Chimney’s Fredrik Zander to handle post-production.

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