Party Bus To Hell

‘Party Bus To Hell’ Drops Diabolical First Trailer

I’m a huge fan of Rolfe Kanefsky’s underrated horror comedy The Hazing, which was a nice throwback to films like Night of the Demons. So when I heard he was working on a devilish new horror film called Party Bus To Hell, I got really excited. Check out the hellish first trailer for Party Bus To Hell!

Party Bus To Hell is the latest film from writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky (The Hazing 2017). The film stars Tara Reid (Sharknado 5 2017), Sadie Katz (Blood Feast 2016), Stefani Blake (Reverse 2017), Shelby Nicole, Ben Stobber (The Immortal Wars 2018), Vidonna Michaels (Sand Sharks 2012), Richard Hochman, Demetrius Alex, Raymond Gutierrez, Johnny Molinaro (Pool Party Massacre 2017), Devanny Pinn (Truth or Dare 2013), Aaron Groben and Elissa Dowling (BoneJangles 2017).

When a party bus on its way to Burning Man filled with a bunch of sexy young adults breaks down in the desert and in the middle of a group of Satanic worshippers, all hell literally breaks loose! A massacre leaves seven survivors trapped on the bus, fighting for their lives while wondering if someone or someone’s are not what they seem. PARTY BUS TO HELL is an action packed supernatural horror thriller loaded with unexpected violence, sexy assaults, and enough twists
and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat through the shocking surprise ending!

Party Bus to Hell looks like a hell of a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to it being released. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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