Cautionary Comics’ ‘Offworlder Issue #1: The Saga Begins’ Is Available Via Indiegogo

What would you do to save the ones you love? Would you sacrifice everything? How far is too far? Comic book Offworlder tells the tale of two alien races battling internal battles while fighting an intergalactic war. The creators describe it as a “Highlander in space.” Say no more! Tell me how I can buy this!

Check out their Indiegogo promo video below, then read on for all the details!


Offworlder Synopsis

Cautionary Comics introduces Offworlder Issue #1. The saga begins with fresh adventures and new characters. It’s an epic fantasy that mixes history with science fiction that will leave the comic audience craving more.

Seventh century Scotland. Henry Gunn leads his clan in a ferocious battle with Viking invaders. But with victory in sight, he is ripped from space and time by an alien race. The Ananaki seek a champion to stop another alien race from conquering all known space!

The Offworlder sacrificed himself for his people. Now he must fight an intergalactic war to save them! In the tradition of The Stars My Destination and The Silver Surfer.

Here’s a look at the epic cover art!

Offworlder Issue #1

Head on over to their Indiegogo page to follow the campaign and secure your first issue today!

This comic looks cool! And it sounds like a fun storyline. I love seeing indie comic projects like this succeed. What about you? Is Offworlder up your alley? Will you check them out on Indiegogo? Tell us in the comments!

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