cabin fever: patient zero

Now Streaming on Tubi: The Best Pandemic-Related and Virus-Themed Movies to Binge in Quarantine

With the coronavirus making headlines around the world, many of us may be spending more time in the safety of our own homes on the couch – whether medically mandated or not. With more people staying in, what better what to spend your time than watching movies for free on TUBI? With the help of TUBI, we have compiled a list of awesome pandemic-related and virus-themed movies to binge in quarantine!

the cassandra crossing

  • The Cassandra Crossing (1977) – Directed by George Cosmatos, starring Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, and Martin Sheen. Passengers on a European train have been exposed to a deadly disease. Nobody will let them off the train. So what happens next?

train to busan

  • Train to Busan (2016) – Directed by Sang-ho Yeon, starring Yoo Gong and Ma Dong-seok. Relentless terror marks the fight for survival as a massive zombie outbreak in South Korea leaves survivors on an infected train from Seoul to Busan.


  • Infection: The Invasion Begins (2010) – Directed by Howard Wexler, starring Lochlyn Munro. The last survivor of a modern-day plague reveals the shocking truth about the horrific events that wiped out her town 60 years ago.


  • Daybreakers (2010) – Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. A plague has turned most of the world’s population into vampires. A man cured of vampirism believes he has the secret to saving humanity.

patient zero

  • Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014) – Directed by Kaare Andrews, starring Sean Astin and Lydia Hearst. An ultimate bachelor

the last man on earth

  • The Last Man on Earth (1964) – Directed by Ubaldo Ragona, starring Franca Bettoia. After civilization is wiped out by a plague and turned into zombie vampires, the last man alive hunts them down while looking for fellow survivors (Inspired Will Smith’s I Am Legend).

black death

  • Black Death (2011) – Directed by Christopher Smith, starring Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne. In a time of plague, a knight and his savage crew investigate rumors of witchcraft in a journey that will put their faith to the ultimate test.


  • Virus (Day of Resurrection) (1980) – Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, starring Masao Kusakari. A deadly virus kills nearly everyone on Earth except for a few scientists in Antarctica. Will they be able to find a cure before it’s too late?


  • Containment (2015) – Directed by Neil Mcenery-West, starring Lee Ross and Louise Brealey. When neighbors in an apartment complex wake up to see they’ve been sealed inside by strangers in hazmat suits, they start to turn on each other.


  • The Crazies (2010) – Directed by Breck Eisner, starring Timothy Olyphant. A small town becomes a massive, hysteria-filled crime scene when, one by one, neighbors, friends, and family are possessed by homicidal behaviors.

the carrier

  • The Carrier (2016) – Directed by Anthony Woodley, starring Edmund Kingsley and Karen Bryson. With no hope left on the ground, a group of survivors board a plane to escape the disease below, but their problems only follow them.

*** FYI. We hope you enjoyed our list and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy out there during this pandemic!

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