Now Available On DVD: Ron McLellen’s ‘Bad Land’ (2007)

Now available on DVD courtesy of HNN Presents is a film by director Ron McLellen (All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest) called Bad Land. The film stars West Cummings (Down a Dark Road), Beth Keener (Battle Los Angeles), Jennifer Cudnik (Hell’s End), Scott Hodges (Jug Face), and Josie Lawsone (In Memory of Those Left Behind).

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Deep in the South of Georgia, there are areas that have not seen the light of civilization and are their own unique worlds with their own unique rules. When a group of college students accidentally venture onto the private property of such a place during pledge week, they encounter a backwoods family keen on doing whatever they have to do to keep their secrets safe from outsiders. Now, time is running out for the group as one by one they fall victim to the bad land.


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