Stephen Shimek’s ‘Nocturne’ Available Now

Stephen Shimek’s latest film Nocturne is now available to stream on Amazon (with SHOWTIME expansion). It is also available for purchase at Amazon and at most DVD retailers. Nocturne hit the streets on July 25 as an unrated cut.

The trailer features teenagers, alcohol, flesh, and an Ouija board (plus a killer soundtrack). What could possibly go wrong? Check out the trailer for Nocturne below!

The Synopsis From IMDB:

A girl running from her past is forced to confront her future when her friends perform an impromptu seance. Dirty secrets are revealed and an uninvited guest joins the party.

Nocturne stars Clare Niederpruem (The Maze), Darien Willardson (Storm Rider), Melanie Stone, Colton Tran, and Jake Stormoen. Jo (played by Niederpruem) is hiding something from her past. Her unsuspecting friends perform a late night ritual, which opens up a hellish gate. Now, Jo must confront her past mistakes as her friends try to escape from a supernatural spirit.

Stephen Shimek directs and shares writing and producing credit with Katy Baldwin and  Kristi Shimek. Music by Christian Davis and Reuven Herman.


Nocturne is the latest film from Shimek. It follows up on his success with Dudes and Dragons, K9 Adventures: Legend of the Lost Gold, and The Adventures of RoboRex. It looks like a blast!

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