‘Night Howl’ Announcement From Fun Time Productions

Director Michael Taylor Pritt (Fun Time, Miles Before Sleep, Are We The Waiting) and his family owned film company Fun Time Productions, are happy to officially announce their fourth full-length feature, Night Howl. Pritt introduced audiences to a whole new generation of slasher in 2017’s smash indie hit Are We The Waiting in hopes to replicate the same success with his re-invigoration of the werewolf.

“This is not another predictable or typical werewolf film,” Pritt said. “I figured out a way, hopefully, to do a whole new take on werewolves that has never been done before.  The twist at the end of this [werewolf] movie has never been done before.  I promise you that!” Pritt added.

The movie centers around Kaci Evans, a socially awkward photojournalist who can’t seem to come to grips with the death of his mother. As a child, Kaci was psychologically traumatized after seeing his mother monstrously mauled by a large canine. Now that Kaci is an adult, he suffers constant night terrors and flashbacks to the time his mother was murdered. After numerous visits with his psychiatrist, Dr. Ezay, Kaci starts to question whether his nightmares are repressed memories, or are they something far more sinister?

“This is a psychological thrill-ride. I love horror, but I wanted to explore other genres of film with this project,” Pritt said. “Yes, this is a horror movie, but it’s also a psychological thriller. There is plenty of violence, and plenty of blood, but the real horror focuses on the psychological terror involved with Kaci’s story. I wanted to try new film techniques, different lighting, and also introduce some new faces in to the Fun Time [Productions] family. I wanted to make something that I would personally enjoy seeing as a film goer instead of catering to elitists and critics,” Pritt added.

Night Howl came about after a few conversations with friends while sitting on my front porch. We talked about what scared us the most. One night during a full moon, I heard a dog howl not too far from my house. It scared the living crap out of me. My friends were just as frightened by the unexpected howl. That started a conversation about werewolves, and how much I hate them because they are the scariest monster to me,” Pritt explained when talking about the genesis of his newest project.

Michael Taylor Pritt, Director – Fun Time Productions

Pritt also talked about a terrible snow storm hitting his home town of Ashland, Kentucky, last December. Out of boredom, he donned a werewolf mask, went in to his back yard, and filmed a one minute teaser short about a man changing in to a werewolf. After sharing the short on Instagram and Twitter, the response became overwhelming. The video garnered tremendous traffic, and fans of Pritt’s work demanded that a lengthier story be made featuring the classic horror creature.

See the short here

Pritt obliged and immediately started working on the script for Night Howl. Following a few months of writing and revising, Pritt began to cast the talents of Rob Pemberton, Alana Mullins, Pat Roberts, and Jeremy Todd to make up the starring roles. The small cast began filming the new project in late March of this year.

Night Howl is still in production and a release date is still unknown, but the multi-nominated indie horror director hopes to wrap up the project completely in a few months and offer more details then. To learn more about Night Howl and Pritt’s other film projects, follow the official Facebook page of Fun Time Productions.



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