Newly Released Trailer, Release Date For Richard Rowntree’s ‘Nefarious’

After his huge success with his 2017 film, Dogged (read our review here), Director Richard Rowntree is up to no good once again with his upcoming horror/thriller, Nefarious. The crowdfunding campaign was a success and the filming is complete. Now, it’s time to release the trailer. Check it out!

Synopsis for Nefarious:

Darren, Lou, Jo and Mas live a meager existence on the fringes of poverty. Indebted to the criminal kingpin of their social housing development, they routinely fear for their lives. On the other side of town, the already wealthy Marcus and his handicapped brother, Clive, receive a windfall in the form of a winning lottery ticket. When their worlds collide following a botched robbery, the would-be criminals get more than they bargained for and will be tested to their limits in a desperate attempt to survive a predator of monstrous proportions.

“Sometimes, you have to turn to crime. Sometimes, it turns on you…”

The sophomoric film from Ash Mountain Films was directed by Richard Rowntree and co-written by Rowntree and Matthew Davies (producer of Dogged). Nefarious stars Rowntree, John Angdal Aamaas (Clownface 2019), Aaron Thomas Ward (Bite Size Horror 2017), Dogged alumni Toby Wynn-Davies (Escape from Cannibal Farm 2017) and Nadia Lamin (Hosts 2019), as well as newcomer Buck Braithwaite.

Nefarious will have its world premiere at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in August, which will be followed by a screening at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in September. Nefarious has already been nominated for awards in eight categories at the latter fest, which makes even more excited to see it.

Are you excited to see Nefarious? Will you be going to either the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival or the Austin Revolution Film Festival this year? Let us know in the comments!

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