New Trailers Released For Bayview Entertainment’s ‘The Zombinator’ (2012) And ‘Fragmented’ (2017)

Bayview Entertainment has just released the official trailers for two new films, The Zombinator and Fragmented. Both films are available now on DVD.

The Zombinator (2012) is directed by Sergio Myers (Heaven’s Gate: The Untold Story 1999), and stars Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report 2001), Joseph Aviel (Westworld TV series), Lucia Brizzi (Matchbreakers 2016), and Justin Brown (Pearl: The Assassin 2013).


A fashion blogger documentary turns into a zombie horror nightmare when college students come face to face with the undead. Their only hope of survival is a former soldier turned zombie killer trying to protect them from a mercenary working for an evil corporation who developed the serum that causes zombie-ism.

Check out the trailer below:


Fragmented (2014) is directed by Douglas Elford-Argent (The Brazen Bull 2010), and stars Gwendolyn Garver (Aberration 2007), Aidan Bristow (Death: A Love Story 2015), Xavier Jimenez-March (The Moment 2013), and Fernando Gaviria (Island of the Dolls 2018).


When an American man goes missing in Mexico, his wife’s concern for his safety leads to her being pursued by local authorities and her husband’s betrayed partners. She becomes hopelessly entangled in her spouse’s dangerous and secret life of crime. Now, the people she trusts will be the ones to decide her fate in this matter of life and death.

Check out the trailer below:

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