New Trailer for Found Footage Film, ‘Human Hibachi’

I have a love-hate relationship with found footage films. The grandfather of them all, The Blair Witch Project, left me genuinely creeped out. I think it was a combination of faux realism and a really clever story. Two decades later, I’m just trying to get through them all without getting motion sickness from all the shaky cam. Found footage isn’t fringe anymore; it’s a full fledged subgenre of horror now, and I’ve got to come clean with my time tested real opinion of them. They are definitely cheaper to make with a much, much greater profit margin if things pop, but to succeed at that, the writing and the execution of the ideas have to have some talent behind them. So, what did I think about the upcoming found footage flick, Human Hibachi?

New Jersey filmmaker Mario Cerrito III just dropped the trailer for Human Hibachi. I’ve been following its development for a while now, and I’m hopeful. He appreciates a good twist in the story. His last two feature films, Deadly Gamble and The Listing, had well thought out plot lines where a turn of the corner could lead anywhere. Found footage makes sense for him… a limited perspective without the omniscience that comes with a conventional film, an amplified sense of paranoia like having only a small light in a really big, dark and scary room, and how evil humanity can really go. All of those are in his wheelhouse. And seriously, I’m see a film with a title like Human Hibachi, no matter what. It might as well give me fresh hope for found footage, too.

Wataru Nishida (Japanese Borsht 2019), Andrew Hunsicker (Law of Perdition TV series), Elizabeth Gaynor (Somnium 2018), newcomer Carley Harper and Jade (Superhero)’s (2018) Zachary Pun Chung and Sopheaktra Theng star in the film.

Projected release date is May 2020. In the meantime, follow the carnage on Instagram @humanhibachi

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