New Short Film ‘Taken From Me’ Available Now!

A new horror short film, Taken From Me, directed and written by Adam Salinas, will be available on November 2, 2018. It stars Marcus D. Moore, Josh Greiveldinger, Joel Reitsma, and Cassi Schiano. The film tells the story of a home invasion victim who uses supernatural forces to turn the tables on his assailants.

This is Salinas’s first short film, and it was a self-funded project, filmed for less than $5000. He saved the money bartending while working on the script in his free time.

When he was asked what makes this film special, the director replied:

“I think it’s a creepy view on what some people will do for a loved one. Besides, I think everyone likes the suspense of the game Pick A Door, except there’s only one door, it’s at the end of a pitch black hallway, and there are strange sounds coming from it.”

Actress Cassi Schiano puts the short in the context of the genre, saying,

“Horror is my favorite genre. I think we were able to take a classic horror story — bringing a loved one back from the dead — and put our own spin on it. In most of these stories, the dead becomes undead and remains a zombie. Here, we are able to bring the wife back to humanity, and she’s on her way back to her original form –we just need to spill a lot of blood first.”

This looks like a good one from an up and coming director! We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more. You can keep up with the film yourself at their website.

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