New Short Film, ‘EXT,’ Showing at the 2020 San Antonio Film Festival

The new short film, EXT, directed by Adrian Bobb, is coming soon to the San Antonio Film Festival. The film features the voice work of Cara Gee and Zoe Doyle. The film festival runs from October 14 – 18, 2020.


In the snow-covered ruins of 24th century Toronto, Aegis, a humanoid war machine, leads a team of five unique machines into the real world to retake an enemy-occupied server installation vital to the survival of their digital homeland. During an attempt to ambush enemy-controlled war drones, Aegus recalls an interrogation with founder and extremist Kym Minamoto, Aegis’ mother. As she fights for survival, she recalls her fight for identity in the digital homeland; as she and her mother argue over the true nature of humanity and Aegis’ role within it.

Check out the EXT trailer below:

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