Single Family Home

New Psychological Horror ‘Single Family Home’ is in Development!

With the horror festival season gearing up and the Women in Horror Film Festival taking on steam in it’s second year, filmmakers behind horror flicks Buzzard Hollow Beef and Scratch have joined forces to collaborate on psychological horror feature Single Family Home!

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Tara C Hall, writer and producer of Buzzard Hollow Beef, and Bel Deliá, actress and producer of Scratch, decided to collaborate on the story. With a strong focus on women in film, Single Family Home is to be led by females in the key positions of Co-Director, Writer, Producers and Cinematographer.

Rounding out the film’s team are Buzzard Hollow Beef’s Joshua M Johnson and Amanda Spinella and Scratch’s Annalea Fiachi

Official Synopsis for Single Family Home:

When a couple moves into their dream house to prepare for the arrival of an adoptive child, an unwanted “guest” threatens to tear apart their perfect family, forcing them to go to unspeakable lengths to get rid of her.

Now well into it’s development, we can expect to see much more of Single Family Home in the future. With the filmmakers being not only experts but fans of the horror genre, they are offering up a different kind of ghost story with this film.

women in horror film fest

Personally, I can’t wait to check out this film. All of the crew is talented. I especially adore Bel Deliá and fell in love with her film, Scratch. Stay tuned more updates as they come as well more information for the upcoming 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival!

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