New Poster and Details for ‘Celebrity Crush’ Starring Oliver Robins

A couple months ago, we announced that, after a 30+ year hiatus from the film industry, Oliver Robins, best known in these parts as Robbie Freeling in Poltergeist, is set to return to the world of filmmaking. He will be writing, directing, and starring in the upcoming horror film Celebrity Crush

Right now, Oliver and his crew are currently in post-production and are editing the film. They just recently released the official and it’s amazing. We absolutely love it!

celebrity crush

As we’ve previously mentioned, producing alongside Robins will be award-winning filmmaker Michael Baumgarten, who previously co-produced, directed, and wrote the anti-bullying film The Martial Arts Kid. Celebrity Crush stars Robins as Jonathan Blaklee and Alissa Schneider (Paying Mr. McGetty) will be playing Emily Lynessa.

Official Synopsis:

When the B horror movie Chain Face Clown was released in 1985, no one knew the film would one day become a classic, heralded as a cinematic tour de force… Well, at least by a select group of horror movie fans.

The film’s biggest fan, 29-year-old Emily Lynessa, always knew she was going to meet and fall in love with Jonathan Blaklee, mid-40s, the star of Chain Face Clown. For Emily, Jonathan is the perfect soulmate; no other male compares to him. She has idolized him and the film ever since she can remember. Emily has a collection of Chain Face Clown memorabilia that would impress even the most ardent fan.  But, there is one item she has yet to attain… The real life, breathing Jonathan Bremen.  There’s only one problem — Emily knows Jonathan will have no interest in her because he’s famous and she’s not. How far will Emily go to complete her Chain Face Clown collection?

Celebrity Crush doesn’t have a distributor yet but is hoping for a 2018 release. We’ve heard through the grapevine that a trailer may be coming soon, too. Fingers crossed!

Robin’s performance in Poltergeist will always be a terrifying and nostalgic memory and we can’t wait to see, after all this time, what he has to offer. Everyone at PopHorror is thrilled to have him back in the horror-making business. Stay tuned for more updates on Celebrity Crush, as well as an upcoming interview with Robins himself!

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