New Poster and Trailer Drop For Zach Lipovsky And Adam B. Stein’s ‘Freaks’

A new poster and trailer have dropped for one of PopHorror’s favorite films of 2019, the twisted, creepy sci-fi film, Freaks (read our review here), which was co-directed, co-produced and co-written by Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun Origins 2014 – read our review here) and Adam B. Stein (Nerd Court TV series). The film stars Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild 2007, The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016 – read our review here, Never Grow Old 2019 – read our review here), Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight 2015, The ‘Burbs 1989), Lexy Kolker (Shooter TV series, The Little Mermaid 2018), Amanda Crew (A Haunting In Connecticut 2009, Final Destination 2 2006), Ava Telek (Flowers in the Attic 2014), Michelle Harrison (Paycheck 2003) and Grace Park (Hawaii 5-0 TV series, Battlestar Galactica TV series). Music for this An Amazing Incorporated Production was composed by Supernatural’s Tim Wynn, while the visual effects were created by Chris Orchard (Jackhammer 2013) and Ben Pickles (Father’s Day 2011).


In this genre-bending psychological sci-fi thriller, a bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father’s protective and paranoid control.

Here is the new poster:

And check out the new trailer below:

From the PopHorror review:

Freaks is a beautifully shot, anxiety-fueled sci-fi thriller that ratchets up the tension like a set of medieval thumbscrews. By the end of the film, the realization that there is no Big Bad here, only terrified people trying to do what they think is best, leaves you feeling dejected and disconsolate, no matter who you were rooting for.

Are you planning on checking out Freaks? Do yourself a favor and hunt this one down, as it releases on August 19th. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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