New Paranormal Thriller, ‘Investigation 13,’ Coming Soon

Uncork’d Entertainment is excited to bring you a new paranormal thriller from Krisstian de Lara (Sub Rosa 2014) called Investigation 13. The film stars Meg Foster (Lords of Salem 2012 – read our review here, Masters Of The Universe 1987), Patrick Flanagan (Bonnie & Clyde TV series), Robert Paget (Fluff 1974), Michael J. Sanchez (Cake: The Series TV series), and Peter Aratari (Concurrence 2017). Investigation 13 will be available September 10, 2019 on digital and DVD.


A group of science students have discovered how to scientifically explain the paranormal. Their goal is to present their findings to their school board and petition to launch the very first parapsychology credited course at their university. Their thirteenth and final investigation lands them at Black Grove Psychiatric Asylum where they look into the urban legend of The Mole Man, an ex-patient of the asylum who is thought to live within its walls.

Investigation 13 incorporates different forms of story-telling, including found footage, hand-held cameras, surveillance cameras, and smart glasses as you can see in the exciting trailer below:

Do you plan on checking out Investigation 13? Let us know in the comments below!

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