New In Production Teaser From ‘The Great Buddha Arrival’

We are very excited to unveil a new in production teaser from the kaiju film that is coming soon, The Great Buddha Arrival. This film is directed by Hiroto Yokokawa and features an incredible all star cast that includes Peggy Neal and Shelley Sweaney! The film is a reboot of the lost 1934 classic, Daibutsu Kaikoku, one of Japan’s earliest giant monster films, and is about a giant Buddha statue that comes to life and tours the country.

The cast includes legendary actor Akira Takarada (6 Godzilla films, including the original), Peggy Neal (X From Outer Space), Yukijiro Hotaru (Gamera trilogy, Godzilla: GMK), Shin Godzilla’s Ippei Ohsako and Inge Murata, Shelley Sweeney (4 Godzilla films), Yuki Morita (Godzilla 2014), Norman England (2 Godzilla films), Robert Scott Field (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah), Masanori Kikuzawa, J-Pop superstar Momoka Iwata, rapper Yuma, Kazuma Yoneyama, Godzilla: Final Wars’ Jun’ichiro Nirasawa and Yoshihiko Ohtsuki, and Takashi Yasuda.

This quick teaser will give fans a taste of what’s to come!

The filmmakers would also like to mention:

“We’re currently looking to secure a final little bit of funding to snag the final few celebrity cameos from kaiju cinema so check us out and snag some cool perks! We are also interested in Sponsors, Associate Producers as well as product placement.”

You can check out The Great Buddha Arrival’s crowdfunding campaign here. This is a unique and exciting movie that we are looking forward to it with great anticipation!

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