‘Never Hike Alone’ Premieres This Friday, October 13th!

Stay out of the woods and Never Hike Alone! Womp Stomp Films is taking you back to Camp Crystal Lake in their crowdfunded short horror film set in the world of Friday the 13th. The story centers on hiker Kyle McLeod (Drew Leighty) who discovers the long lost remains of the infamous camp. Dismissing the Friday the 13th murders as urban legend, Kyle explores the area. But someone still lurks among the trees and he doesn’t like trespassers in his woods. As Kyle continues exploring, he comes face to face with terror: Jason Voorhees (Brian Forrest) himself!

We checked in on Womp Stomp and got great news. The film is finished! Even better news: the release date is this Friday, October 13!

Never Hike Alone Details From Kickstarter

Never Hike Alone will become available for streaming this coming Friday the 13th starting at 11:15pm EST / 8:15pm PST. A link to the film will be sent out via Kickstarter update and posted on our website and various social media outlets.

The easiest way to know when Never Hike Alone is available is to follow us on our YouTube page and get updated as soon as we go live.

Backers who pledged high enough for the early release and download will received a backer specific update earlier in the day with details on how they can view the film.

Awesome news! I can’t wait to see it!

Never Hike Alone
Jason Lives!

More from the Womp Stomp crew on the finished product…

If you have any questions about the film, your donation, or anything really, please feel free to reach out to our crew any time at: contact@wompstompfilms.com

THANK YOU everyone for your continued support of the project. We appreciate all of your patience and support through out the project and we can’t wait to show you the film!

This coming Friday the 13th, we’ll see you on the trails!!!!



What a perfect way to spend Friday the 13th! We’ve been anxiously awaiting Never Hike Alone since we first covered the Kickstarter. I’m a Junior Counselor, so I can’t wait to see my name in the special thanks! Be sure to check these guys out on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube page!

Are you ready for Never Hike Alone? Tell us in the comments!


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