Halloween - Nerdist Remix

The Nerdist Remix: Retro Re-Cut ‘Halloween’ Trailer is Here!

It looks like the team at Nerdist Presents is as excited for the new Halloween film as we are. And we can’t wait! The sequel to the 1978 original is due out soon, and in anticipation of the release, Nerdist Presents put together a 1970s Grindhouse style trailer called the Nerdist Remix: Retro Re-Cut Halloween. It is fantastic, and you’re going to love it!

Check out out below!

Halloween (2018)

Nerdist Remix: Retro Re-Cut Halloween Synopsis 

Halloween just got groovier in this 1970s style throwback Nerdist Remix of the Halloween trailer. Ripping the pulpy style and creepy sounds of classic 70s horror films like the original Halloween, this trailer adds an appropriately spooky amount of nostalgia to your October– plus bone-chilling narration. This year, your worst nightmare is named Michael Myers.

“Laurie Strode returns, and is packing heat!” I LOVE it!

Have a look!

Oh my God, you guys, is that fantastic, or what? Makes me want to break out Planet Terror, Death Proof, Machete, and Hobo With A Shotgun for a Halloween marathon!

What do you think? Are you getting excited to watch the new Halloween on October 19? Did you enjoy the Nerdist Remix: Retro Re-Cut Halloween trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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