More ‘Halloween’ News: An Even Bigger Carpenter Touch

It’s no secret that horror fans are anxiously awaiting Blumhouse’s highly anticipated adaption of Halloween. Following the announcement that horror master John Carpenter will return to the franchise as an executive producer and consultant, enthusiasm for Michael Myers’ return has only intensified. With the news of Carpenter’s script critique and desire to score the film, fans have even more to look forward to from this upcoming installment.

When it was announced that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride would collaborate on a script with Green in the director’s seat, some fans may have been skeptical, as the duo is mostly known for comedy. However, McBride put minds at ease with a comment reported on the Blumhouse Production’s website.

“Green and I are definitely going to [do] a straight-up horror. Halloween has always been one of my favorite movies of all time. There’s a simplicity and an efficiency to that first one that I think allows the movies just to be scary as hell. And so Green and I, our approach is to get back to that.”

With minds at ease and dedicated talent behind the project, excitement grew. It was now clear that this film would become a reality. However, one question still loomed about Carpenter’s level of involvement. A recent development via Twitter has shed some light on the subject.

Reporter Jason Guerrasio spoke with Green about the project, which is expected to begin filming this fall. Taking to Twitter, Guerrasio made it public that Carpenter has seen the script. The news is good and the responses are ecstatic.

“HALLOWEEN update from #TIFF17: David Gordon Green tells me John Carpenter has seen the script, gives notes, digs it. Still wants to do score,” Guerrasio posted on Twitter.

Having scored the original haunting theme of 1978’s Halloween, Carpenter is undoubtedly more than qualified to create this element, which is a memorable driving force behind his original film. With some added notes and an official stamp of approval by Carpenter himself, it is clear the horror legend will be a prevalent influence behind this project. While Halloween is not expected to release in theaters until October 19, 2018, you can be certain that Pophorror will continue to bring you developing news on the latest installment of this beloved franchise.

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