‘The Monster Squad’s’ Andre Gower Stars in ‘Baby Frankenstein’

How can you not be intrigued by something called Baby Frankenstein? I know I definitely was, so I had to check out the teaser trailer for it. You should too… but beware… they’re not lying when they call it a tease!

Presented by Barefoot Girl Productions, Baby Frankenstein is directed by Jon Yonkondy with a screenplay co-written by himself as well as Mike Rutoski and M. Vedic. The film has a wonderful cast including Andre Gower (The Monster Squad), Eileen Rosen (Blue Valentine), Patrick McCartney (Elf), Mason Carver (Outpost Earth), Ian Barling, T. J. Rotell, and Rance Nix as Baby Frankenstein.

Official Synopsis:

When a listless young man decides to protect his discovery of a lifetime from his mother’s demented boyfriend, he must decide how far he will go to save this ‘little dude’ from capture.

As per usual… when a teaser trailer says it’s a “tease,” they’re telling the truth. I can’t wait to see the next one. Although this story is going to lean more towards a comedy than horror, I’m pretty excited about it. It looks fun and one that maybe the whole family can enjoy. Plus the cast is awesome.

baby frankenstein

Another thing I love are all of the awesome posters. They have many for Baby Frankenstein, but the one up above is the most recent. Beautiful art as well as incredibly creepy. There is no release date yet for the film, but it is said to come out later this year. Are you interesting in checking it out? Be sure to also like their Facebook page!

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