Monochrome: The Chromism

Dystopian Film ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’ Trailer Released

In the dystopian film, Monochrome: The Chromism, outcasts knows as Hues are traded and sold like currency after turning color in a black and white world. This indie sci-fi film has been in development for six years, a labor of love for Writer/Director Kodi Zene (Beat Cancer 2013) and Producer Lozen Fükem. The film was shot with local talent in Texas and includes actors with diverse race, sexual preferences and religious backgrounds.

At long last, Zene and Fükem are hitting the festival circuit with their new trailer, which has already won awards at the Hermes Creative Awards and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Check it out, and then read on for all the details!

Monochrome: The Chromism Synopsis

Monochrome is a black and white dystopian film where the world sees color for the first time. Those who turn color are labeled Hues and are outcast from society. The Chromism is the first feature film in the series and origin story of the world of Monochrome. The film follows Isaac Ward (the first Hue) and his struggle to make sense of these new developments and his struggle to survive.

Monochrome: The Chromism stars Josh Bangle, Cat Merritt, Devin Leigh, Ryan Barnes, Andre Pelzer and Shashana Pearson. Kodi Zene wrote and directed the film.

Here’s a look at the official poster art!

Monochrome: The Chromism

Monochrome: The Chromism is scheduled to be released in 2019 after going through the film festival circuit. Future sequels are already planned, according to the creative team. For more info, check out their official website.

Looks cool! Hopefully the film is a success so they can get the sequels off the ground. We’ll bring you more news about this feature and its sequels as that info becomes available. What did you think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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