Check Out These VHS Covers of Recent Horror Films

There’s something cool about a VHS tape. Whether it’s the retro feel to it or the box art, there’s always been something special about them. Unfortunately, as time goes on, our technology changes and some things start to get left behind. 

Have no fear, though, because an artist named Steelberg is helping to keep the format alive and current! He specializes in creating VHS covers for modern horror films. While the VHS cassettes themselves don’t actually work, it’s still a neat project and gives us an idea of what our favorite recent horror films would look like if they were released on tape!

VHS is alive, and people like Steelberg are keeping it relevant. I’m a big fan of the Planet Terror/Death Proof cover, as well as the It Follows cover. Check out this insane artwork!

About Matt Stumpf

My name's Matt, and I love all things horror. Books, movies, video games; you name it, I like it. Martyrs is my favorite horror film, and everyone should watch it. I also have a soft-spot for those cheesy 80's slashers. I'm still slightly convinced that Faces of Death is real.

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