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Milla Jovovich Reacts to ‘Resident Evil’ Reboot

The recent and surprise announcement of a reboot of the Resident Evil franchise has caught many by surprise. The most recent film is still fairly new, so everyone is left to wonder why so soon.

Milla Jovovich

Recently asked Milla Jovovich about it, and the announcement was also news to her:

“They’ve announced a reboot? Okay, well good luck with that,” said Jovovich. “I think a lot of people with these franchises kind of put the cart before the horse. There’s a danger to that. They’ve been wanting to reboot Resident Evil for a long time, and listen: I love the Resident Evil world. I think it’s a great property, I would do it if I was a producer. I think what made Resident Evil so special is that the people involved really loved what they’re doing and really were fans of the game.”

She added, “I would suggest that you find people that have that same passion for the property before you talk about reboots. I think if you get into this kind of genre, people are very sensitive to fakes. There’s some real fans in the sci-fi/action/horror world, and they’re not idiots. They can smell when something is done because people love it and when something is done just to monetize an opportunity.”

James Wan has already been announced to produce the first reboot installment. So maybe there’s hope for it after all. What are your thoughts on the reboots? Do you agree with Milla Jovovich? Is it too soon?

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  1. maybe they will make it better than the last movie ressident evil

  2. Nope…not interested.