Michael Myers is back in 2018! In Halloween 3?

I first watched the Halloween series when I was 5 or 6 years old. There was a very distinct moment where I learned I could be wrong. I had just finished Halloween 2  the previous weekend and my Grandma and I were back at the local video rental store. It was one of the small ones, the kind that had the best horror sections. Anyways, I ran straight to where the Halloween movies were located and picked up Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. I remember my Grandmother warning me, “Preston, that isn’t the one you want.” Being the little know-it-all I was I replied, “Yes it is! Three comes after Two!” This went back and forth until my Grandma decided to teach me an important lesson.

I’ll be damned, she was absolutely right! Even though I now love that entry, I felt as if I had wasted my weekend rental at the time. There was no Michael Myers whatsoever! I began excusing my ignorance with the typical questions we have all asked after being duped by this one. “What kind of Halloween movie doesn’t have Michael Myers?” Then, “How was I supposed to know?” and finally, “That doesn’t even make sense!” I was such a disappointed little 6-year-old.

For 39 years, there has yet to be a “Halloween 3” that included everyone’s favorite horror villain. However, that could soon no longer ring true. Danny McBride has been slated to write the new entry to the series. He gave us a few tidbits that we could salivate over. Tentatively, the film will follow the original second movie’s timeline and let us know what happened after the hospital explosion. I think that we can all agree we don’t need another re-telling of the white-masked murderer. Knowing that they are gonna go back to the original storyline peaks my interest.

Should this pan out, I am sure that I will be an exceptionally happy horror fan next year. Halloween is my absolute favorite franchise and honestly, I will take anything they are willing to give me. In fact, this news makes me want to re-watch the entire series. Should this get shafted, and shelved, as every “new” Halloween movie does, I will probably sue Dimension Studios for emotional distress (just kidding).

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