Meet The ‘IT Fan Art Contest’ Winner!

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few months, you know that the long awaited, highly anticipated re-imagining of Stephen King’s beloved IT release is fast approaching. Back in June, an IT Fan Art Contest was announced with a grand prize of a trip to the premiere of IT. You may be wondering – did I enter this contest? Nope. I am definitely not artistic like this. But, all the entries are all amazing. You can see the art here. Being me, I was curious to see who won this contest, the person with all this talent. The 2017 IT Fan Art Contest winner is Mark Gluck, and he was gracious enough to speak with me regarding his piece and his win.

PopHorror  Thank you so much, Mark, for taking time to speak with me. I have to start with the cliché question – are you a Stephen King fan?

Mark Gluck – I love his writing and IT is my absolute favorite story of all time!

PopHorror- The piece is stunning. What exactly is it constructed of?

Mark Gluck – My piece is constructed  with Travertine, which is a type of limestone, marble, beads and epoxy. The frame is barn wood. It might actually be from the house on Neiboldt Street… just sayin’!

PopHorror – It really is a remarkable piece. Is your day job being an artist?

Mark Gluck – I actually paint houses for a living. I would love to do art full time.

PopHorror – Hopefully, all of this exposure with the win will get you going further in that direction. About how long did it take to complete the piece?

Mark Gluck – It took about eight hours.

PopHorror – Tell us a little about that moment you found out you were the winner.

Mark Gluck – I about freaking died when they told me. I thought it was a joke and no way could this be real.

Pophorror – I bet! I always wondered about the people who win these contests. I have never won anything or known anyone who has won anything. Where will you be seeing the premiere?

Mark Gluck – I always thought these things may be rigged. I am here to tell you, definitely NOT the case! I am being flown to Hollywood by Warner Bros. to see it at the TCL Hollywood Theater.

PopHorror – How did you determine this is how you wanted to represent IT/Pennywise for this piece?

Mark Gluck – I have created some other portraits which are posted on my Instagram. I thought this piece would fit perfectly with how Bill Skarsgård’s make up/skin seems to be cracking.

PopHorror – Definitely! I agree! Do you have any pieces in the works now? Any intentions to sell pieces?

Mark Gluck – I’m not currently working on anything, but I definitely have plans to begin work on a new piece in a week or two. I will absolutely sell pieces as well.

PopHorror – Thank you, Mark, for sharing your thoughts. I know all of us at PopHorror are excited for you and adore your piece. Safe travels to the premiere!

Be sure to check out Mark’s “making of” video down below. This piece is so freaking cool! I watched the video twice. Great song as well. It is awe-inspiring to watch Mark at work. Be sure to check out Mark’s Instagram to get a look at his other pieces. 

Did any of you enter the It Fan Art Contest? Share your pieces in the comments!

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